During the summer of 2013, I renovated a one bed studio which backed onto our garage for my family to rent out. 

It had always been a cold space, as the property has three external walls with a minimal cavity. To make it more efficient to heat, and a more comfortable space, I decided to internally insulate the walls with PIR insulation, build a stud work, and re plasterboard creating a new internal skin. Due to the old stud-work being rotten from a leaking shower, I had to completely rebuild the bathroom walls, incorporating glass blocks to allow light to pass between the different spaces. 


The original kitchen was small and cramped with no natural light, so I decided to remove this wall and create one open studio space. A new ceiling was fitted in the living room, (this took some help from friends!) but to maximise space and create a feeling of separation between the eating and living spaces, I decided to vault the kitchen ceiling, clad with pine at the rafters, and paint the old ceiling beams white.

I fitted electric underfloor heating under large grey tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Due to the 50mm insulation in all the walls and substantial thickness in the loft, and new double glazing throughout, the studio is incredibly energy efficient. LED lighting throughout and a instant hot water heating means energy usage is kept to a minimum.

During my time working on this project, I researched and learned many practical skills: building work, bricklaying, plastering, tiling, carpentry, kitchen fitting, carpet fitting, decorating, landscaping and budgeting. Double glazing was fitted, all the electrics were done by a qualified electrician, and due to to time constraints, I brought some help in to finish the decorating, but except from that, I undertook the whole project. Below are some photos of the finished studio and of the renovation. 

The Finished Studio

The Renovation Process