A Partner aids customers to have authorship over their own products and experiences, by creating products and brands which help people help themselves. Built on values which say ‘small is beautiful’, a Partner opts to make products which invite the user to make a contribution, understand their impact or change habits. Products can foster an ethical response of stewardship to the environment, or importance of community, as products are designed to help people see the world as closer to home.

Locally sourced or made, creating brands which are globally consistent and locally relevant, is the grounding principal for a corporate finding its way to becoming a Partner in the communities in which they work. Inclusivity, social engagement, thrift, collaborative consumption, and localism can all be a part of the strategy, with business benefitting by building strong local links and loyalty with customer bases. This is the next phase for an ethical business model, and companies which run operations in this style have been have been rapidly increasing market share in the last few years. Encouraging tailoring, or adjustment of products to users’ needs, allows them to become part of the brand, rather than passively consuming.

The Toothbrush

This toothbrush focuses on the two minutes we each spend in the morning and evening brushing our teeth. The toothbrush is made locally from birch, hexagonal in shape and incredibly lightweight. Each toothbrush carries a reflective message to consider each morning.

The product, whilst small, makes little difference in its own impact on the environment, but instead makes its influence as a catalyst for further changes, through shaping a different mindset in the overall consumption habits of its user. Sold in matchbox style sets, the toothbrushes offer a family solution to begin the conversation as to what might be our part to play.

Other Attitudes:

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