A Participator is a company who understands the importance of composing the whole customer journey. Crafting all the touch-points creates the opportunity for rich connections to be built between customer and brand. They understand that simply placing a product on a shelf is no longer enough; they strive to build connections and honesty between the brand and the user though a service, rather than a sale.

A prevalent shift in consumer behaviour, preferring access to products over ownership, is an important movement which can unlock new methods of commerce. Putting the customer first allows business to design out obsolescence, invest in products and become a service provider. Creating an ongoing exchange with customers can create a return mechanism for products or materials, allowing parts to be reused or recycled keeping optimum material quality. 

The Toothbrush


This toothbrush is a bespoke design, configured to be the best brushing experience for the user by their dentist. Forming part of the routine check up appointment, the dental hygiene of the patient can be assessed, allowing the dentist to prescribe the optimum type of bristle module, and bristle shape, size and hardness to suit the patient. The bristled modules fit magnetically to the head and the handle unscrews to reveal a space for toothpicks, floss or a vibrating module. The brush provides an opportunity for a brand to attach itself to a professional body, creating validity and strength to its reputation and gives the customer access to a professional, ‘dentist clean feel’ all year round.